For those of us who need to do photo editing for work, it can be a hassle. Since it’s uncommon for many to need to edit images, we don’t have the programs to do it at hand.   With OneDrive from Microsoft, you can now edit photos easily.   They wrote a great blog that soaks you through the process:  We’re big fans of OneDrive. It’s a complete productivity system with everything you need to run a company. Because It’s Microsoft, nearly every program, CRM, and more all work perfectly with it.  Check out the blog and let us know what you think.  #cybersecurity #cloud #cloudmanagement #MSP #managedservices #photediting #OneDrive #Microsoft #Email #emailprovider #Word #Outlook #Excel #passwordmanagement    

Work from home (WFH) is a thing. In fact, it’s likely to become a permanent fixture in our lives.   For thousands of companies who have embraced it, it’s a gift. They can sell their offices, eliminate their servers, and even move some of their management team to new positions since it’s much easier to manage people online.   One tool that can be most helpful is Microsoft OneDrive.   Because OneDrive can be securely accessed from almost anywhere, it’s the ideal solution for making sure everyone has access to their files. It includes secure cloud storage and can even have the Microsoft Office suite installed.   There’s one feature that isn’t usually mentioned in the literature, but it’s saved us hundreds of times – autosave.   Everything you do is automatically saved. If you walk away and forget to close the program, you don’t lose everything. If the power goes out or your computer runs out, you don’t lose all the work you’ve been doing for the past few hours.   It’s so simple, but it’s easily the most powerful feature of OneDrive.   Do you use a cloud productivity platform?   #cybersecurity #cloud #cloudmanagement #MSP #managedservices #photediting #OneDrive #Microsoft #Email #emailprovider #Word #Outlook #Excel #passwordmanagement  

We’re in the midst of the Great Resignation. The one thing that many companies forget to do is remove their former employees from their computer network. An employee is often terminated in the HR software, but no one goes in to disable their email account, their access to the company files, or to make sure that any password managers on their personal devices have been disabled or removed. Former employees are often not a risk, but if their systems are breached, they can make your network vulnerable. Make sure everyone is removed from your network as soon as they walk out the door. #Microsoft #OneDrive #cloudcomputing #Excel #PowerPoint #Word #business #technology #cybersecurity #email #password #TheGreatResignation

Keeping track of e-discovery data, translating it to a useful format, and finding what you need in a lot of files takes a lot of practice and skill. You also need the right software to make sure everything is organized and handled properly. If you’re an attorney and you need e-discovery tools that really work, along with a team that can support you, call us. At Vemtech, we can help you succeed with the latest innovations. Managing a case is a lot easier with the right tools. Vemtech will help you find exactly the tools you need. Contact us. #CIO #IT #cybersecurity #Microsoft #365 #cloud management #legal #financial #metadatascrub #NewCommerceExperience

Microsoft New Commerce Experience   On March 31, 2022, Microsoft licensing prices will jump by as much as 20%. If you want to save money and get even better service, click the link below. We can keep your prices the same and even lower them! Schedule an appointment to speak with the Vemtech team. We’ll tell you exactly how much you can save.  

At Vemtech, we’re often asked how secure is cloud computing. The answer is as simple: as secure as your passwords. The key to security in almost every case is about making sure your staff and yourself all have very secure passwords. The vast majority of cybersecurity breaches occur because someone’s password was too easy or because someone opened a bad link in an email. In other words, the weakest link in almost every system is the people. Make sure that your firm has a password policy that will prevent anyone from gaining access to your system. Here are policy recommendations from Microsoft: What’s your company’s password policy? Do you have one? #Microsoft #OneDrive #cloudcomputing #Excel #PowerPoint #Word #business #technology #cybersecurity #email #password #TheGreatResignation

Before you submit anything in court or to opposing counsel, you need to do a metadata scrub. Every file has metadata on it that can compromise your confidential sources, allow access to people you don’t want them knowing, and expose your clients because information might not align with their statements. At Vemtech, we can do a metadata scrub of all your documents. This allows you to submit and share them, knowing that all personal data is removed. If you’d like to learn more about the Vemtech metadata scrub, please call our offices at 681-260-2768. #CIO #IT #cybersecurity #Microsoft #365 #cloud management #legal #financial #metadatascrub #NewCommerceExperience

It’s 2022. Almost every company in the country needs a Chief Information Officer. Here are the problems: 1) you might not have enough for them to do and 2) the Great Resignation has made it nearly impossible to find any staff, let alone a C-level executive. Let Vemtech help by acting as your virtual CIO. We’re available for as long as you need us. We provide all the same services and can help you make all the same decisions as an in-house CIO. Since we’re virtual, we don’t need to be in your office. We’re able to work on everything from our offices. Best of all, if you hire an in-house CIO, we can stop what we’re doing. Don’t let your systems and information get away from you. Get a CIO to help you do everything you need to. #CIO #IT #cybersecurity #Microsoft #365 #cloud management #legal #financial #metadatascrub Watch the video for great examples and more details. Microsoft is increasing their prices for licensing, up to 20%, after March 31, 2022. This is the first increase in 10 years.  VEMTECH is a selected Microsoft Partner who is able to assist you with locking in you current price by March 31,2022.   In addition, VEMTECH customers will receive a 5% discount on current subscription costs for both annual and monthly commitments for one year. The additional 5% is only valid through February. What happens if I don’t do anything? Answer:  Once your subscription is auto-renewed the Annual & Monthly subscription price will increase up to 20% after March 31,2022.  This applies to Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. What happens if I cancel my current subscription? Answer: If you purchased your subscription directly through Microsoft you will receive a pro-rated refund. What is the process of signing up for the NCE(New Commerce Experience)? Answer: Schedule an appointment with VEMTECH.  We have experience account managers to review your current licenses.  We will ensure that we match your New Commerce Experience licenses with your current subscriptions to ensure there will be a seamless transition to avoid service interruptions. Resource: