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New Commerce Experience Terms & Conditions


The New Commerce Experience offers you different types of commitment and billing periods: 
Annual commitment / billed upfront annually
Monthly commitment / billed monthly

Please make sure you have selected the right commitment model and billing period prior to ordering your
service in CASCADE as purchases through NCE are bound by the cooling off period and cancelation terms listed below.

By purchasing this
service, you agree and accept the terms below:

Subscription Renewal

When you purchase your subscription, you specify if your subscription will automatically renew at the e
nd of your commitment term. If you select automatic renewal, then at the end of the committed term the subscription will be automatically renewed for the same period. If you select not to automatically renew then the subscription will be automatically cancelled. This option can be updated at any time by contacting the CASCADE Operations Team (

Cooling Off Period and Cancellation terms

When you purchase this subscription, you have a 72
hour cooling off period. Following the cooling off period you can only schedule to cancel the subscription during the 72 hours following the end of your current commitment term. 

In both cases you will be charged for any period when the license was active. You can only cancel your subscription within the first 72 hours after the order is placed or renewed. If you cancel within this period you will be charged for the days used within that 72 hour period. After 72 hours of the term, the subscription can only be canceled at the end of the commitment period. You will be billed or the remainder of the commitment period

Changes to Licenses and Regrades

Below are the changes that can be made to a subscription along with details of when these changes can happen. If you request a change you will have a 72 hour cooling off period during which you can request to cancel your change. After the cooling off period your change will be effective until your next renewal date.

Quantity changes 
-Seats Decreases

   oThe seat count can only be decreased within 72 hours of the subscription being placed or renewed and any requests for seat decreases outside of the 72 hour window will be scheduled for your next renewal date You will be charged for any days when licenses are active. 

-Seats increases
   oThe seat count can be increased at any time. You will be billed for the additional licenses for the days they are active. These additional seats will renew at the same time as your original seats. 

oThe subscription can be upgraded at any time. To upgrade all seats in the subscription, use the upgrade feature in CASCADE. The new service will retain the same billing frequency and renewal dates. 

•If you wish to only upgrade a specific number of seats, please contact the CASCADE Operations team ( they will process this for you. A new subscription will be created for the new service and this subscription will coterminate with the original subscription. •CASCADE only supports the upgrade paths specified by Microsoft, intY and VEMTECH will not offer any credits for unused service periods if you attempt an upgrade outside of the above process. 

-The subscription can only be downgraded within 72 hours of the subscription being placed or renewed and any downgrade requests outside of the 72-hour window will be scheduled for your next renewal date, You will be charged until this date.
** If you are trying to make any changes to a service and it is showing in a pending state, please contact Cascade operations (

Changing Commitment Term of a subscription
If you require a change to subscription terms please contact CASCADE operations(

A subscription can be changed to a longer commitment term at any time i.e from Monthly to Annual commitment. The following months invoice will include any appropriate credits and debits for the changes in the subscription price.

A subscription can be changed to a shorter commitment term (i.e from Annual to Monthly commitment) only at the end of the commitment term or at the renewal date.

 If you place a new order for unchanged commitment term this will create a new subscription and you will be unable to reduce the quantity on the original subscription until the end of term and you will be liable for the cost. -Please ensure you contact cascade Ops ( to action this.

Billing Frequency Changes

You cannot change the frequency of billing until the renewal date of the subscription

Change of Channel

Moving subscriptions across partners can only happen at the renewal of the commitment term by cancelling with one provider and selecting a new one.

Auto-renew of subscriptions

When placing your order you will be asked if you wish to have the subscription to auto renew or not at the end of the commitment term. If you wish to change the setting once placed please contact CASCADE Ops via email to

Suspension of subscriptions

If you require a suspension placed on a customer’s subscription please contact Cascade operations ( Please note a suspension ceases the service however you will continue to be billed for the subscription.


Inty shall continue to be bill you on or around the 1st Month for all licenses and subscriptions under new commerce experience.

For each subscription, you will be charged from the subscription start date plus the billing frequency.

For example, an order placed on the 18/06/2021 with a monthly billing frequency will be invoiced on the 1st July for the charge period of 18/06/2021 to 17/07/2021.

On the 1st August invoice, the charge period will be 18/07/2021 to 17/08/2021. 

Azure will continue to be billed by mid-month